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Wafer Inspection Department / Final Test

We meet the various needs of our customers using best Inspection technology, Know-how and various categories of tester lineups that we have cultivated over the years in the Wafer-Testing field.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for mass production testing, Also for Prototype evaluation, Debugging, Analysis, Development, etc., Certainly any small amount, Like one package or even one wafer.

Good at Dealing with Quick-Movements

In addition to wafer inspection and Final-test, It is possible to collaborate with external partner companies for Turn-key suggestions, Explaining in the flow chart bellow .

turn-key business flow business flow

Introduction of Test Department

Testing Environment

  • Total free access semi down flow Clean FED Standard Class 100(Measured 20 pcs / cf 0.5 μm).
  • Features of conductive and electrostatic dissipative materials (Flooring and various items).
  • Adopts clean prober for LCD.
  • Some of the testers can go far for the Final-Test (Normal temperature and High temperature).


  • Veteran Technician support and Thorough contact counting management system keep the probe card in the best condition at all times.
  • Automatic loading of test programs prevents mistakes during configuration.
  • We use barcodes and perform Thorough lot management in each process.
  • Automatic judgment system of test data can prevent outflow of non-standard wafer and check quality level.
  • We provide electronic data of measurement results in a format that meets your needs.
  • The measurement result can also be handled by the ink mark. You can select Quick-Drying and Thermosetting inks.

Enhancement of Production Management

  • Delivery of production results, progress, daily reports.
  • Provision of various production data. Lead time, rates of tester operation and Fail categories.
  • Management of probe card contacts and reporting of the status of possession.

Engineering Support

  • Quick start-up for mass-production and Suggestions for testing stability.
  • Support at the time of tester model changes.
  • Evaluation for new technology such as narrow pitch LCD driver.
  • Evaluation and accumulation of process changes.
  • Providing of product analysis, yield information, test result information.
  • Test program development.
  • Probe card design.
  • Test program change
  • Multiple acquisition and time saving.
working floor of wafer test


  • AL pad
  • Au Bump
  • Solder ball

Probe card

The Needle Point is Important Part of the Probe Test

  • For Minimize the damage of pads, Perform highly accurate adjustment for bumps and probe cards also low weight probing. In addition, Optimization of needle point cleaning extends the life of the probe card. .
needle point of probe test

Risk Management

  • Site security equipment.
  • Tight the equipment with the ground and protect people and equipment from earthquakes.
  • The introduction of the voltage drop compensation device instantly protects products and devices from the instantaneous voltage drop due to lightning strikes and so on.
  • By actively promoting CSR, we will further enhance our customers' trust, Including information security.
  • By introducing an instantaneous voltage drop compensation device, Protect the products and devices from an instantaneous voltage drop due to lightning strikes, etc.

Natural Environment Countermeasure plan

  • Reduction of summer-heat of the building by applying solar thermal insulation paint.
  • Lighting power reduction.
  • Adoption of solar power generator.
  • Adoption of free cooling. Uses open air for winter cooling.