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System development center

  • Establishment : April 1990
  • Center manager : Kuniichi Ishiguro
  • Number of employees : 18 (as of September, 2021)
  • Location : 1-5-12-2, Abumi, Chuo-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata-ken,
       950-0913, Japan
       TEL: +81-25-245-4576 FAX: +81-25-245-5159


Overview of business operation

The needs of system market in recent years are increasingly sophisticated and diversified and the advanced design and development are required for both of software and hardware.

We carries out contract for work and dispatch mainly for commissioned design development of built-in system especially. It provides advanced solutions looking ahead to power saving, streamlining, and automation of client in addition to total design development of a number of different systems of various needs.

Business lineup

 Software development department
  • Developing and modifying embedded software
    As well as developing new firmware and drivers, we can handle modifications and porting.
  • Developing applications for various devices
    We develop applications which operate in conjunction with embedded software on various
    platforms, not only PCs, but also tablets and so on.
 Hardware development department
  • Developing and modifying embedded hardware
    We develop embedded hardware as well as design logic for FPGAs and PLDs.

  • System development
    Our hardware and software designers work in close cooperation to develop sophisticated

    systems for you at low prices and in short spans of time.

  • EMC testing
    We offer ECM-related design and assistance with EMC testing

  • Please feel free to contact us.